The Government of Karnataka (GOK) committed to the establishment of an Advanced Centre for Integrated Water Resources Management (ACIWRM) in the 2011-12 financial year budget. The ACIWRM is the first of its kind in India. The rationale for the initiative was to create an enabling environment for the GOK to pursue its objective of moving towards achieving water and food security. The IWRM framework provides the opportunity to integrate the land and water related management aspects at the sub-basin and river basin levels.

The ACIWRM is a think tank to the government’s Water Resources Department (WRD). It engages in policy analysis, research, planning, capacity building and develop the knowledge base to gear up the department up for its future vision 2030. The ACIWRM works with the various Departments, civil society, the private sector, farmers and water user associations, and other organizations to produce integrated advice to the WRD for managing the state’s water resources.


Components to be implemented by ACIWRM under Asian Development Bank funded Karnataka Integrated and Sustainable Water Resources Management and Investment Program (KISWRMIP): 2015-2019


Two major tasks, namely – Development of IWRM Strategy and Interim RBO Arrangements for K-8 River Basin Developed, is the focus under this activity.


IWRM based Water Resource Information and Knowledge System, RB Planning and Decision Support System, Hydrological Monitoring for Modernization Projects – are the major tasks.


The major focus under this activity is to develop an initial spatially based inventory of river basins in Karnataka to support development of State IWRM Strategy.


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One day workshop on “World’s Best Practices of Open Channel Irrigation Modernization and Draft Modernization options for TLBC”

ACIWRM has organized one day w...

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Workshop on World’s Best Practices of Open Channel Irrigation Modernization and Draft Modernization Options for TLBC – 7th February,2018, Hosapete

As part of preparation of Tran...

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Training on Tideda and TD Gauge Hydrological Database Software-19/02/2018 to 24/02/2018,Karnataka Engineers Academy, Bangalore

Training on Tideda and TD Gaug...





of groundwater pumps are powered by electricity and there is a high proportion of groundwater pumping from great depths (>80m) which is the result of the 100% government subsidy on the cost of power for groundwater pumps for irrigation.



is the water allotted overall on an average in Karnataka which is one of the most water-stressed in India, with about 61% of the State, the 5th highest percentage, in drought prone areas.


increase in the estimated water demands from 2000-2020 and though agriculture will remain the largest user, the demand for water by non-agriculture sectors is expected to almost triple from 2000 to 2025.



is the total average annual yield of Karnataka River Systems, which includes Krishna, Cuavery, Godavari, North & South Pennar, Palar and West flowing rivers.


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The ACIWRM is a small organization which comprises a Government Procedures and Administration Division under the management of the ACIWM Registrar (SE level), and a Technical Division under the leadership of the Technical Director. There are six full time staff comprising training and capacity building; farmer and stakeholder involvement; river basin management; hydrology and irrigation; land and water management; and water resource information systems. The ACIWRM is supported on a needs basis by short term contract staff recruited for particular projects.

The ACIWRM is financed by the Government of Karnataka and supported by the Asian Development Bank’s Karnataka Integrated and Sustainable Water Resources Management Investment Program (KISWRMIP).


National Mass Communication Expert: This position will gather information, perform analyses, develop appropriate communications approaches, support publicity and awareness raising, and prepare reports regarding communication for IWRM in Karnataka, with reference to national arrangements. The position is to ensure output of excellent quality electronic and print materials and communication strategies to reach out to various stakeholders.