The vision of the Government of Karnataka for AC-IWRM is:

“scientific and sustainable management of water resources to get the maximum water, food and energy security by balancing the demands of various sectors and to ensure harmonious sharing and utilization of resources by mutual understanding and coordination of various stakeholders.”


  • ♦ To be a global Centre of Excellence in enabling adoption of the principles of the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).

  • ♦ To facilitate the exchange of expertise, knowledge and experience in adoption of the IWRM Principles and to drive IWRM as a process.

  • ♦ To provide a platform for enabling partnerships of various stakeholders and interested agencies in IWRM to carryout policy analysis, action research, capacity building and networking.


Government of Karnataka had presented, in the august house, an Agricultural Budget for the year 2011-12, first of its kind for Agricultural sectoral budget in the country, and committed to the establishment of an Advanced Centre for Integrated Water Resources Management (AC-IWRM).  The rationale in establishing an Advanced Centre for Integrated Water Resources Management (AC-IWRM) is to create an enabling environment for the state government to pursue the set objectives to move towards achieving water and food security in the state and increase the State’s agricultural income. IWRM framework provides the opportunity to integrate the land and water related aspects at the sub-basin or river basin level.
The Advanced Centre for Integrated Water Resources Management (AC-IWRM) will act as a think tank to the Department of Water Resources. The Advanced Centre will engage in policy analysis, policy research, develop knowledge base within the state and WRDO for gearing up the department up to its future vision 2030.  It will also serve as a platform / agency thru WRDO for coordination among main departments and other related government agencies, NGOs, private sector firms, water user associations and other organizations dealing with the water sector and leading up to implementation of the IWRM principles.


The Advanced Centre, will be guided by the Governing Body consisting of Hon. Chief Minister as the Chair Person, Hon. Minister for Water Resources as the Co-Chair Person, Hon. Minister for Agriculture, Hon. Minister for Rural Development & Panchayat Raj, Hon. Minister for Urban Development, Hon. Minister for Minor Irrigation, Hon. Minister for Forest, Ecology & Environment as members, various Stakeholders in the water sector, Farmers, Representatives of water users, etc. as invitee members.Principal Secretary, Water Resources Department who will also be the Director General of The Advanced Centre will be the Member Secretary.


The Executive Committee will consist of the Chief Secretary to Government of Karnataka as the Chair Person, the Principal Secretaries of Departments of Finance; Planning, Programme Monitoring and Statistics; Rural Development and Panchayati Raj; the Secretaries of Agriculture; Urban Development; Ecology and Environment; Minor Irrigation; Water Resources and Commissioner of Agriculture as Members. Principal Secretary, Water Resources Department who will also be the Director General of The Advanced Centre will be the Member Secretary. Representatives of donor agencies, multilateral institutions, international agencies and UN agencies will be Invitee Members for a specific meeting.


The Management Committee will consist of the Principal Secretary, Water Resources Department as the Chairman for day to day management of the AC-IWRM and will consist of the Secretary, Department of Water Resources and other nominees as authorized by the Executive Committee.




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Technical Team

Finance Team

Administrative Team