The KWRIS will comprise a GIS based spatial system bringing together aspects of surface water, groundwater & water dependent ecosystems for decision support system.


ACIWRM is preparing an overall strategy for the training & capacity building of govt staff and farmers so that water resources can be managed sustainably.

The major focus under this activity is to develop an initial spatially based inventory of river basins in Karnataka to support development of State IWRM Strategy.

River basin models are an important tool for improving basin water management. They integrate data and knowledge of hydrological systems with a basin.

Stakeholders will be involved in the activity through community group activities such as WUAs, river-care, drought resilience and other community participation approaches.

The key goal of improving water efficiency and productivity is to improve farmer incomes without worsening environmental conditions further.

Two major tasks, namely – Development of IWRM Strategy and Interim RBO Arrangements for K-8 River Basin Developed, is the focus under this activity.

ACIWRM under the aegis of Water Resources Department is selected as Nodal Agency for “National Groundwater Management Improvement Programme (NGMIP)” in Karnataka.

LWMP and other farmer based approaches will be piloted to improve local land and water conditions including extremely urgent issues

The preparation of water sector specific climate change report, for Karnataka state, as per TOR provided by the National Water Mission.