IWRM Training and Capacity Building



ACIWRM is preparing an overall strategy for the training and capacity building of government staff and farmers so that water resources can be managed sustainably. The strategy will assess training needs of various stakeholders and include activities such as in-depth technical and management training, national and international study tours, work placements, and twinning arrangements to learn from other organisations.

In the short term, WRD staff will be trained in IWRM so that it can be increasingly adopted in their daily work. The ACIWRM with the IISc and local Universities and assisted by UNESCO-IHE, are preparing a certificated course in IWRM for 600 junior to mid level engineers. Training in IWRM will be extended to additional staff, including more senior staff in due course

Capacity building of the section officers (Junior/ Assistant Engineers) and sub-divisional heads (Assistant Executive Engineers) by training them more intensively and sensitizing the senior level Engineers (Executive Engineers, Superintending Engineers and Chief Engineers) is essential to manage the available water resources in the best possible way, in order to enhance the water-use efficiency and improve the water productivity. There is a need to introduce the concepts and principles of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and other practically relevant thematic trainings for achieving the desired results of improved water resources management and increased availability of water to larger population and meeting the present needs of the society at large.

IWRM offers a guiding conceptual framework with a goal of sustainable management and development of water resources. Understanding cross sectoral water demands and the integration processes to address the water scarcity can be achieved only through Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).

Details about the IWRM Training – next date, venue and other information about registration

Thematic Trainings

Details of various thematic trainings like the Hydrology, Remote Sensing & GIS etc – additional information

Other Training

Details about the other trainings from our end – next date, venue and other information

Major Themes

Introduction to Integrated Water Resource Management Water Accounting+ and E-Source
Water Users and Beneficiaries Source modelling – Tungabhadra basin
Water and Sustainability Water Resources and Regulation
Agricultural Water Management Water Quality and Pollution Control
Water Delivery Systems Participation in Water Management
Water Policy and Legislation Role of negotiation in IWRM
Water Organizations Gender and water resources management
Water Resources Planning Leading change
River Basin and Sub-Basin Planning Water Resources and Financing
Integrated River basin management Modern Tools for IWRM like remote sensing and GIS
Water Resources Information and Data Awareness and Information on IWRM