The State IWRM Policy and Strategy will be developed participatively, following assessment of the policy and institutional arrangements for water resources management in Karnataka including national level strategies and programs. This will be assessed in relation to international approaches and IWRM and a proposed policy and strategy taken to government for consideration.

The policy and strategy is expected to address issues such as integrated management of water resources; institutional arrangements; river basin and sub-basin management; water allocation, entitlements and the sharing of water to support economic sectors and maintain the environment; a move from development and construction to system management-operation-maintenance; farmer and water user participation; water quality and ecosystem maintenance; information and knowledge sharing and management; and, management of drought, floods and climate change . As part of this, interim RBO arrangements for the Tungabhadra River Basin Organization will be piloted.

The Framework for the Policy and Strategy approach is shown in the following diagram. This will result in strong and sustainable water resources management including aware and involved communities; allocation and sharing of water between users and uses; water moving to high value uses over time; droughts, floods and climate change that are managed proactively; Nigams that move from basically construction agencies to water service providers focussed on operations and maintenance and with have a service orientation; and conservation of the water environment.